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Sherry's Animal Art

Sherry Matlack is a self-taught watercolor artist who specializes in close-up paintings of animals and flowers. She loves to study animals, both wild and domestic, capture those observations in photographs and then crop them for unique visions in watercolor. She starts her animal pictures by painting their eyes to bring the animal to life early in the painting's development.

The intense world of wild animals in their natural habitat is missing in the lives of zoo animals, even in the best circumstances. Sherry's portraits capture the pensive gaze and depth never truly realized in their walled worlds. Her close-up views create distinctive and original visions. Alll paintings originate from photographs Sherry has taken.

Sherry is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society , a Saguaro Fellow of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild and an Associate Member of the American Watercolor Society .


Exhibitions and Awards

2018 Missouri Watercolor Society's International Exhibition, Qingdao Laotian Museum, China

  Honorable Mention

2018 Western Federation Watercolor Society's Annual Exhibit 43

2018 Arizona Aqueous  XXXII Honorable Mention

2017 National Watercolor Society Annual Member Exhibition

2017 SAWG All Member's Show  Award of Excellence

2016 Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibit

2016 SAWG Annual Show Best of Show

2015 SAWG Signature Show  Award of Merit

2014 Eau en Couleurs International Watercolor Biennale Exhibition, Belgium

2014 National Watercolor Society Annual Member Exhibition

2014 Tohono Chul Exhibition

2014 Madaras Gallery All Artist Miniature Show

2014 Tubac Center for the Arts Arizona Aqueous XXVIII  Honorable Mention Award 

2013 National Watercolor Society Signature Status

2013-2014 Shenzhen Watercolour Biennale Exhibition, China

2013 National Watercolor Society  93rd Annual Open Exhibition

2013 National Watercolor Society  All Member Exhibition Edgar Ewing Award

2013 Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild Saguaro Fellow

2013 Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild Signature Show Best of Show

2011 Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild Signature Status