Daniel Smith Contest

In keeping with my goal to get my work out there, I entered Pachydermis, my elephant painting, in their weekly contest.  It’s a get out the vote-type contest so I don’t know if it will go anywhere but it’s continuing towards the goal.  Painting continues on the horse with the harness.

Critic in the House?

photo-24I started a new painting on Sunday. It’s a big piece so I decided I needed to tape it to a piece of cardboard to help it stand up when I needed to back away and look at it. I set it up today for that purpose and found I had a captive audience/critic in the house. My critique is the eye is in the center of the page.  I’m going to paint it out anyway as I really like the possibility and I can edit one of the edges to realign the centered eye when I’m finished.  Another fun project.


Best in Show

show awardMy Rhino painting won Best in Show at the 2013 SAWG Signature Member’s Show. Very exciting! The juror was Judy Morris, AWS, NWS who is one of the three jurors for those two national watercolor organizations. She said she wants “to see my work out there much more from now on.” Great incentive to continue learning and painting.


Yesterday was my turn to docent the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild Art Gallery.  Located in the mall at the corner of Craycroft and River in Tucson, this Signature Member’s Show is full of wonderful paintings and ideas for moving my work into new dimensions.  It’s well worth a trip to the gallery.  Later this month a new Whole Foods store will open there which is another great reason to make the trip.  Enjoy!

Starting a New Year

It’s a new year and time to look back and forward as well. Looking only at my art production and not at the crazy world this has become, I am satisfied with the previous year’s production. I especially enjoyed the rhino painting from a Reid Park Zoo photo and the commission of Millie, painted near the end of the year. I never fail to learn something from each painting. My goal is to retain that learning and apply it to the next painting.

rhinothumbnail                                                                 millie thumbnail


As for the new year, more time for painting!  I’m looking forward to what new things I learn and the refinement of current techniques.  Added to the fun of learning is a new playmate to get in the way while I’m painting.  Say hello to Nellie, a newly adopted kitty who is adorable and full of fun.  She’s the one curled up next to a painting of one of Emily’s cats, Henry.  photo-20  Happy painting to all!