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Flower and Pet Watercolors


The beauty of flowers is a timeless focus for art in watercolor and photography. The patterns created by light and nature inspire countless works of art from the smallest wildflower to the brilliance of cactus flowers. I enjoy photographing flowers with a micro focus to capture the beauty not often seen.

The unique personality and look of each of our pets is a source of inspiration for art in watercolor.  I enjoy working on commissions, endeavoring to capture the love and distinctive looks of each individual pet.  As with my wild animal paintings, I always start with their eyes.



10 x 14 watercolor on Arches paper



Big Red Poppies

22 x 30 watercolor on Arches paper




11 x 15 watercolor on Arches paper



Spotted Cow

22 x 30 watercolor and casein on Aquaboard




12 x 16 watercolor on Arches paper




Black Dog

10 x 14 Transparent watercolor on Arches paper